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Teaching skills

The Studio

In our studio we  focus on Classic Pilates. Every movement has a meaning. The order makes so much sense and the breathing is a skill you appreciate more and more in your Pilates routine: : Breathing is first act in life and the last. Our very life depends on it"...Joseph Pilates.

There are 5 principles in Pilates: Breath, Flow, Precision Coordination, Center. Use all this 5 principle when you do Pilates and your body will talk :"Pilatit" language. I ❤ Classic Pilates.

Pilates is a natural station follow after physical therapy treatments. It can take you to your next health level and keep you away from the pain for the long term.  Before your first session, I will connect with your therapist, coach, and trainer to determine the optimal work out goals. I will work with you and your therapist to advance you to the next level. For elite athletes I will work hand to hand with your coach as to prevent future injuries as well as lengthening muscles and strength the core.

Happy Birthday Joseph Pilates._I'm so ha

Our Teachers

Our Teachers at the studio are very professional and well certified to teach mat and equipment Pilates class. Each one of them has their teaching style, different cues, and classes flow. Try to practice with some of them and find your favorite style. Our teachers understand the concept of a "Family studio". They care, human and friendly.

Our teachers are also available for privates & duet sessions.

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